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Naan E
Nani, Samantha, Sudeep and others
SS Rajamouli
MM Keeravani

       The most expected film of the year has been released and no doubt director Rajamouli has proved his mettle once again with his wonderful plot. The story of this film is about two lovers and how the villain kills the hero and tries to lay his hands on the heroine. Nani (Nani) and Bindu (Samantha) are lovers. Sudeep enters the scenario and kills Nani to lay his hands on the beautiful Bindu. Nani who is dead reincarnate himself as a housefly to take revenge on Sudeep who has killed him. Samantha helps him in this task.


       Rajamouli has done a lot of homework and research before putting his hands on this subject. This can be clearly noticed when the house fly is born and the sequences that following it. These are really mind blowing. The first half of the film moves steadily with romantic scenes between Samantha and Nani. In the second half the house fly occupies in all the sequences. There are scenes were the house fly goes and teases Sudeep. They way it does make people break into laughter. The most appreciable sequence where the house fly narrates to Samantha with signs that he is the reincarnation of Nani.


       Though Nani role is limited, he has justified with his action. Sudeep has excelled in his action. Samantha is really visual treat to the audience. Her performance is also tremendous. All the actors have done justice to their roles. The highlight of this film is the intermission and the climax. Technically speaking everything was amazing including the dialogues, cinematography, editing and songs. CGI works are worth mentioning here. The visual effects will be of its first kind in Indian cinema.




       On the whole Rajamouli has woven a wonderful film which will be a great entertainer to one and all. After this film Rajamouli will be having a great kids fan followers. A film not to be missed.

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